This is the unique periodical journal of classical homeopathy, which published in the past on the country region in Ukraine from 1900 through 1914. It was published in Kharkov, Odessa, Khorol (Poltava's region) under the editorial staff of Evgraf Yakovlevich Dyukov. He was high educated very intelligent and extremely absorbed person, the doctor-homeopath of classical direction. We appreciated the symbolic entity of beginning and end of the XX century, when the tasks of the development of homeopathy were such different and amazingly they coincided in the same time; therefore we have to speak not only about renovation of journal which occurred in 1995, but about the continuation of its release. In the present time the journal is only periodic publication of classical homeopathy in the Ukraine. Today's journal supports and develops the already prevailing traditions. This is orientation for the fundamental and applied works on classical homeopathy, contemporary studies, illumination of events in “homeopathic world", questions of instruction and homeopathic pharmacy, and homeopathic veterinary science. Furthermore, publication has practical directivity, placing on its pages the pathogeneses of medicines, telling about the homeopathic treatment of the specific pathology. Journal sponsored by Ukrainian Homeopathic Association, the members of association obtain him free of charge through its regional organizations. Publication prints twice a year. Journal has two forms of release - in the form of printed publication and in the electronic version. Files take the form PDF-format.

On questions of the acquisition of journal or publication your materials be turned: E-mail:

popov_a_(at); anton.popov62(at); znd(at)

Post address: 01032, Ukraine, Kiev, post/box 176.

Bodies: +380-44-5879975

Bodies/the fax: +380-44-5017993

Chief-editor: Anton Popov

Editorial board:

Tatjana Popova (Kiev),

Zoja Dergacheva (Kiev)

G. Simonenko (National Medical University, Kiev)

I. Pozmogova (institute of Homeopathy, Kiev)

Y. Zelenin (Kharkov Homeopathic Society, Kharkov)

A. Bogachuk (center of homeopathy, Kiev)

Technical editor A. Kurov (Kiev)